Procedure for Registration

Following are the steps to register a Nidhi

  • First, you need to get Director Identification Number(DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) of all the directors.
  • Next, get your Name Approval in the form of Public Limited Company with adding word Nidhi Limited in the last.
  • Then file COI i.e. Conflict of Interest, of Public Limited Company Registration in INC-7, INC-22, & DIR-12 with authorized share capital of rupees 10 Lakh.
  • File for Business Commencement.
  • At last submit details of minimum 200 members to Nidhi board under MCA/ROC.

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Some provisions of Nidhi Company related to Branches

  • If Nidhi Company has earned net profits after tax continuously during the preceding three financial years, only then it may open branches.
  • A Nidhi is allowed to open up-to three branches within the district.
  • If a Nidhi wants to commence more than three branches within or outside the district, it shall obtain the prior permission of the Regional Director.
  • An intimation is to be given to the registrar about opening of every branch within 30 days of such opening.

Nidhi Company Registration

Please fill the form for NidhI Company
Nidhi Company Registration
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