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Some provisions of Nidhi related to Loans.

These provisions must be complied by a Nidhi company registered in Delhi or at any other place.

(1) A Nidhi shall give loans to its members only.

(2) Following are the loan limits that a member can be given:

Total Deposit(`)

Loan Limit(`)

<2 Cr.


2-20 Cr.


20-50 Cr.


>50 Cr.


If a Nidhi has not made profits continuously in the three preceding financial years, it shall not make any fresh loans exceeding fifty per cent of the maximum amounts of loans specified.

And a member shall not be eligible for any further loan if he has borrowed any earlier loan from the Nidhi and has defaulted in repayment of such loan..

(3) A Nidhi shall give loans to its members only against the following securities, namely:—

(a) gold, silver and jewellery

(b) immovable property

(c) fixed deposit receipts, National Savings Certificates, other Government Securities and insurance policies.

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